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Episode 22: Emily & PhilBroadcast Love Podcast
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In today’s digital age, social media is no more just a pastime. It allows people to connect with one another regardless of distance and time. But who would have thought that a match made by a social media app could actually last? Indeed, love is unpredictable, and it comes when you least expect it.

In this episode:


Emily and Phil share their inspiring story of overcoming previous heartaches and how they are building a strong, healthy relationship.

[06:57] Having the same experiences, especially stories of pain that lead to life lessons, makes people understand, empathize, and get along better with each other.



[07:34] Be respectful and patient in your relationship, and do not make an issue out of the little things.



[08:06] Communication is a core ingredient of every successful relationship.



[08:24] Before entering any relationship, get to know yourself first and take time to reflect on what you need to work on in your next relationship.

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