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Episode 25: Doug & TimBroadcast Love Podcast
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Love sometimes comes when you least expect it. After keeping your hopes high, dating a bunch of folks, yet still failing to meet Mr. Right, what will you do when you’ve crossed out every person on your list but one? Will you still give it a go, or will you give up on love?

In this episode:


Doug and Tim, share how they ended up in each other’s arms and how they keep the love growing even after 15 together. They tell us how finding someone special takes time—as Doug experienced before finding Tim, the love of his life.


[10:22] Be friends with your partner because laughing and joking around with them makes your relationship work and become stronger.


[10:49] Fights are fine and normal, but as couples, you should know when to stop and back off so as not to escalate the issue and cause bigger problems in the future.


[12:10] “Real” communication makes a relationship works, so spend time talking openly about your thoughts and feelings with your partner.


[12:55] Choose your partner based on how you two click together instead of going by their looks. As cliché as it may sound, beauty fades, but the fun and happiness between you won’t.

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