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Episode 30: Sage & BearBroadcast Love Podcast
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First impressions don't always last. Who knows if the person you initially thought of as stand offish, could actually be the person you would spend your future with? What would you do if a stranger who became a really close friend suddenly asked you out? Would you sacrifice your friendship and take the risk, or would you rather stay the way you are and be friends forever?

In this episode:

Sage and Bear share the story of love, from being strangers who met at a party to being close roommates until Bear eventually asked Sage to take their friendship a notch higher. They share how they keep their relationship strong despite being apart and how they chase their individual dreams without losing track of each other.


[04:01] Relationships are no joke, so before initiating any romantic relationship with someone, you must get to know the other person first and try to visualize how you two would be if you are in a relationship.

[08:21] Asking someone close to you—be it a friend or roommate—takes courage because it could ruin your already beautiful relationship. So, if you really like the person, you should muster your courage and try to make the best of the situation.

[11:55] Sending one or two messages during your day can make your partner feel loved, cared for, and thought of especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

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