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Episode 32: Eugene & DianeBroadcast Love Podcast
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Who would have thought that the tragic war between Ukraine and Russia could strengthen love in a country from a neighboring continent? Find out how altruism led to this couple getting married and how their actions affected not just their lives but also the refugees from the war.



In this episode:


Diane and Eugene share how their relationship buds from being neighbour's who just converse and walk past each other like everyone else to being a happily married couple connected by love and faith. They tell us how their desire to accommodate refugees from the war brought them closer together, strengthening their faiths while being able to help a family that needed their assistance.



[05:18] Relationships strengthen when you are working toward a bigger purpose other than just for yourselves.



[26:50] Relationships work best if you know the other person well—both on their good and bad days.



[27:06] Though you shouldn't rely on it entirely, having chemistry helps a relationship.



[28:04] Knowing yourself well is crucial to the success of relationships.



[31:45] Marriage is a unique learning opportunity where you gain new experiences and insights and challenge your existing knowledge.

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