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Episode 49: DesireeBroadcast Love Podcast
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Tragedy and suffering are universal, and we see it around the world. People may go through unthinkable situations and bear the consequences of going through these. Some tend to run away from it and forget it to detach themselves from the pain and hurt. Find out how poetry and writing become a channel of release and realization to become the best version of yourself.


In this episode:


During this month of self-love and human resilience, Desiree shares her journey of self-love through her writing of her book “The Shaping of a Diamond”. One may be able to find a solution and delve deeper if one writes it out. Writing allows you to express all of your thoughts and feelings in a method that would be understandable to those who would listen to you. She tells us on how writing down her story as a release and form of
self-reflection led her to being the best version of herself today.


[27:15] If you’re in a domestic violence, do what you need to get out to be safe. There are good people out there.


[27:50] Sometimes faith in one person can be different for another person. Everyone out there must find their own truth. If you don’t have faith in something, you are never going to make it.


[28:13] Open up your minds to the possibility that there is something out there.


[32:28] There is only so much you can do without the help of someone else.


[34:42] “Now that I share these moments, everyone knows we’re not just a family, we’re a band of heroes”

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