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Host and Creator

Jane is a recovering auditor and former social worker. Originally from a farm in Manitoba, she has travelled extensively and lived in three different countries, currently splitting her time between Victoria, British Columbia and San Jose, California. She studied at the Ivey School of Business and the University of Manitoba.


Video Editor

Luke fell in love with film and photography when he first peered through a viewfinder over 16 years ago. It is a daily outlet to expand his awareness and document life in a creative manner. Whether he’s on top of a mountain or stuck in traffic, he loves good light and appreciates the shadows. Luke hopes his work makes you wish you were there.

Audio Mixer


Katie audio edits and mixes the show. She spent the past year studying at Vancouver Film Schools’ Sound Design for Visual Media program. Katie is currently working as a teaching assistant at VFS. She loves creating and sharing uplifting and caring content like this show.

Web Design


Design runs in Leo's family, from a young age Leo learned photoshop and other adobe programs from his mom who is also a web and graphic designer. Whether it be designing a website, skateboard graphic or physical product, the feeling of bringing a concept to life never gets old. There is no limits to design and that is what keeps Leo inspired to keep creating, learning and working with new people.


Real Love Baby by Father John Misty


Nicole Van Belleghem Vocals

Grant Mountain Guitar

Eugene Smith Drums, Bass



Recorded and Mixed at Smythical Proportions Studio, Victoria, BC. Produced and Engineered by Eugene Smith.


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